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4 ti rm mKNKCKT 7m jUbih AGk THREE PRESIDENTIAL THE RANKORT NEWS Lawn Mowers Published by POSSIBILITIES TO ATTEND Mctsiiii Day Banquet Will De Big SUBSCRIP TION RATES GO ISHING Both Phones CIH COUNCIL HAS BUSY AND IMPORTANT SESSION Chew White Plume earn avorable Report On Library Appro priatioo Craw Saloons Dp 'J of 1 offer big meeting in St Lou UNCLE OREION 0 COMMERCE BIGGEST EVER All Records Will Be Broken al End SUITS Oi The iscal Year: 0 man $15' $20 1 and $25 is how the li Ii to will next 2 to May 8 inclusive Union will hold at the Tear Months Month A DUNLAP HUBERT VREELAND The instinct to fish is The Lord provides for 1908 ques than facil in a We' have: personally never Pittsburg grafter because high minded and 100 per cent pure 7 although without great riches But we especialy rejoice just now that we are not a Pittsburg council There is in f' the Eastern newspapers the case of a Pullman porter who got rich enough to buy a touring car The only reason why waiters in high priced restaurants do not buy touring cars is that they do not like to waste money by re maining far from base fefe EDITOR GENERAL MANAGER buy until you have seen our garments its to your interest 1 right mow cut oft the maintenance cripple noble band of one Made by expert the kind that are guaran teed to give satisfaction to the wearer Special values $3 00 1 75 30 1 00 Hz iSliea and UP RUST SHINES ITSHLP WASH OPP If not at your dealers see Collins One Six One Wepklv Edition ner vear 11 Subscriptions Are Invariably in Specimen Copies ree on pplicatlon RUSTY STOVES PIPES IVIZAUE IEVV I same months of the for exports the period in nent Democrats of the State and embraces members of the Indiana congressional delegation members of the state committee district county committeemen and all: Democratic mayors of Indiana othersMaj" 1 John Lamb rank Hering Jo seph Samuel Ralston The speakers selected to date will be Governor Thomas st: Marshall of Indiana Governor Shallenberger of Nebraska ex Governdr Joseph olk of Missouri ex Governor and United States Senator McCreary of Kentucky William Sulzer of New York (who is now looked upon as a formidable candidate for Governor) John Lentz of Ohio James Hamil The' following letter is being sent out to officers of farmers clubs all over the country and several have been received by ranklin county farmers some of whom probably will attend the is:" rom May the Coliseum in St Louis a national mass meeting for farmers unparallel ed in scope probably in importance undoubtedly in attendance in the his tory of America The railroads of the country have promised to grant low rates from every portion of America I regard it as urgently desirable that every officer and members of the Union who can afford the time money to be with: us these five days I also issue an invitation to agri cultural organizations and to Ameri can farmers without regard to organ ization or location to participate with Us in this conference A program unprecedented in inter est and is being arranged Speakers' and authorities of national prominence without reference to po litical affiliation will be present at this time Throughout the current session of Congress the armers Union has maintained a legislative bureau at Washington This bureau is prepar ing a report in which the statutes of the' legislation demanded and needed by the American farmer will be prob ably set forth The reading of this report will be an Interesting phase of the conference At no previous time in the history of the nation has the farmer been the object of more solicitude to the thoughtful public men and to the public at large z' 1 rom Congress from every news paper forum every stump and rostrum and forum goes up the cry to the Expert and conscientious students of economics are warning us that un mascu all Senator Root is complimented by Theodore statement that he is sorry he did not come with Pinchot to meet him but we see noreason why Pinchot should pin a flow'er upon himself after hearing the remark of the former President tion were larger than those of any like period in earlier years while the exports are slightly less than those of the corresponding 8 months of 1908 'and 1907 The aggregate of imports and exports for the 8 months in question is $2230656989 against $2221949730 in the 8 months of 1907 the former high record year for aggregate of imports: and exports The In exports comparing the: 8 months of 1910 with the cor and 1907 occurs chiefly in foodstuffs Breadstuffs exported in the 8 months of 1910 amounted in value to but 103 million dollars against 169 mil lion in' the ''corresponding period of 1908 and meat and dairyj products to but 91 million djoilars against 133 million in 1908' foodstuffs forming a smaller share of the exports of 1910 than formerly Maj I b'vewil I as a goost ivou ere? Yes my child if you ADVERTISE YOUR EGGS in the Poultry Department of the akuebs Home Jocenal Louisville Ky i We like' to throw cold water on any project that looks like it might help the city hot this library plan should be looked into carefully before it is accepted The taxpayers of the city should be informed of the 'fact that Andrew Carnegie requires an an nual appropriation amounting to ten per cent of any sum he gives a'city for a Pbrary If he gives rankfort which is the amount that he will be asked to give this city will be required to appropriate for library maintenance $2000 This money must be paid by the city not one year or two years but every year Now many of us will agree that $2 000 a year for library purposes is not too much to pay but there are many taxpayers who will say the money could be used to better advantages in other lines We will not take' sides on the question but believe that there should be a full and free discussion of the questions involved before final action is taken OBce 227 229 Main Street SffiSS gS Entered at the rankfort Poatofflce aa Mail Matter of the Second Claaa manufactures a larger percentage the share hlch manufactures form ed of lie exports for the question (being 41 per cent against37 per 'cent in correspondingmonths while for the sinze 1 A moDin oi j1 DTuary jyxu nianuia'Ciures i ed unless more of his number are Kept on the farm we shall shortly 1 be depending' upon foreign nations for a portion of our food The farmer is the keystone prosperity the bulwark of the commercial prestige abroad the" very heart beat of our future destiny at home and in the fierce competition of civilization It is at 'this moment when nation al voices usually quiet are clamoring 4'ib for more studious attention and trib ute to the farmer when every factor in our political and economic system 1 regards with misgiving and fear the depopulation of the country and the enforcement of Industrial crisis and chaos in the cities that I invite the members of the 1 Union the farmers generally of Amer Inin bonrln nnd Twnvr 1VU UVZ 11UUUJ UUU MXCblAL CX1 11K UCU1U in a counsel which shall thresh out issues close to the life of the na tion? a time is propitious" the necessi ty is urgent for closer and more fra ternal relations between the men upon whose shoulders rests the pres ent and the future of (America sjiAt bur interests are iden tical: At bottom our Interests are the interests of every' man woman and child in America now living or yet to be born Proper co operation will make this conference the most momentous and' constructive of its kind in the coun try's history 1 (Should like every member of the Union and every other agri cultural organization and others ex peering to be present to notify me CHARLES BARRETT (President (' Union City Ga March 9 1910 7 None better price satis factory See our new ffooclsrx THE RANKORT PRINTING (Incorporated The Lord in his wisdom created all things 'for especial purposes We do not pretend to know why lie created the fly and so many eRpubllcans but we pass on to things we can un derstand leaving the more inscruta ble ways of Providence for smore learned persons to ponder and elu cidate The Lord invented fishing for thepurpose of giving man a chance to escape from the rigors risks and rlp roarousness of spring cleaning There lies Elkhorn as full of fea sible places for fishing as a Jersey swamp is full of huckleberries There may not be biting fish in every foam fleaked pool but there is always fish few jng And the fisherman who is base ife enough to count only upon the catch as a source of satisfaction is not a real fisherman but a sordid person esc' of the highly commercialized type who know how to enjoy any thing that does not pay him in dol lars and cents Is it not our duty to take advan tage of the blessings bestowed by Providence? Is it not sinful to de aw' dine proffered blessings? not be punished in the next world if 'we take no advantage of the fishing season? VO The instinct to clean bouse in the spring no matter how faithfully: it has been cleaned all winter is fem inine line us Let High Grade Tailor Made and the and including Thomas Taggart Menzies Ert Slack reported that the city was in such a financial condition that it could af I ford to give $2500 a year to main Taiii the library An ordinance this effect was presented and come up for passage at the meeting of the council I Another ordinance that was cd was one for the purpose of chang ing the boundary of the saloon dis trict so that the saloons in Craw may be permitted to continue in business It changes and confines: the saloons to the streets between Ann and Washington and the river and Mero streets I The tax levy ordinance fixing the amount at io on me $iui was given its second passage and now becomes operative as soon as the Mayor signs it The ordinance authorizing John Lindsay to fill in the end of Washing ton street near the river and erect residences thereon was passed Big Meeting in St Louis Will Result in Closer Union of Strength Now is the Time to Buy We carry a splendid i Mower in us go a fishing The Daughters of rankfort have done a great work for charity in the past ten years or more and are still doing it by conducting their hospital on East Main street It is hard matter to operate a hospital without an endowment and the Daughters have had many sore trials and they have been misunderstood and their i motives and actions have been mis i construed people have said mean things about them because those who 'st'" said them did not or would not un derstand and took hearsay as facts They have treated calumny with a silent Christian spirit and have doing their hard work for it cer thinly is hard work to beg struggle and worry as to how to get enough 'money to pay the nursee and keep the hospital in proper condition A year ago they found that they have more room at the hospi tal An annex to the building seem bd an absolute necessity so that more patients could be cared for and bet ter accommodate the charity patients They did not have the money and could not ask the city and county for an appropriation for they felt that as the city and2cOunty were both in debt and were already contributing $50 per month each towards the main fe tenance of the institution They ask ed for contributions from public spirited citizens they gave enter (s Ktainments they had a and finally raised enough money to start to work on the annex which will cost over $5000 Neither the annex nor the original building has cost the county or city a cent but if the city or county would its contribution fund it would the work of the hundred Christian women who devote their time and talents tothls hos pital work The operating expenses of the hos pital each year run from $4200(to $5000 and of this amount county contributes $600 a year and the city the same amount so that the amount contributed by both hardly equaTb xone fourth what it costs toskeep the hospital going' Shelby county Madison county Boyd county county and ail the counties in the States where a charity hospital is give a liberal donation every year towards its support ranging in amounts from $800 to $1000 It is hoped the sug gestiomthat has been made to the ef fect that the ranklin county fiscal court contemplates discontinuing the allowance: of the' $600 each year: to the hospital is erroneous and that the proposition will not be seriously con sidered especially at this time when the Daughters are struggling hard to raise enough money to pay for 5the annex It is' more likely that the increased itieS that the annex will bring year or two the hospital may enough from the: pay patients: to off set the loss of the $600 from the county if itshould be deemed best to discontinue it but "just now it would be almost a calamity 'to cut them off and make them use part of I their building fund to feed and nurse the poor patients Think twice gen tlemen of the court before you take this a Wizard Burbank says ihq can pro duce an edible rose it makes gol darn little difference whether it is called a rose The question much it' costs Subscribe for the News Twist Tobacco AND Clean Sweep Both good chews Ask your Grocery and Tobacco stores forit Manufactured by White Plume Tobacco Co LEXINGTON KY (National News Service) Indianapolis Ind April 12 Unu sual interest is attached to the Jef ferson Day Banquet to be held in this city on April 13 under the auspices of the National League of Clubs and the Indiana League of Clubs' The dissensions of the Republican party in the State and the apparent dissatisfaction which exists through out the Middle West and even in the east over the tariff bill will fur nish good material for imposing array of orators who are scheduled to speak I So many will be in at tendance that the promoters are cer tain that the next Democratic nomi nee for President wil be among the guests 1 Some of the more prominent are: Mayor William Gaynor of New 1: TT ith znti ZnP 1 luni LrUVtnuui dUUbUH xicirnuu Ohio' and Governor Thomas Mar shall of Indiana all three of whom ot nrAsnri Autlal nossibilities In 'addition to these other possi bilities expected to attend are Gov ernor Shafroth of Colorado Burke of North Dakota Crothers of Mary land and Mann of Virginia Hoke Smith of Georgia Woodrow Wilson Presidents of Princeton University former (United States Senator Chas I A Towne of Minnesota former Governor Peckof Wisconsin Mc Corkle of' West Virginia Linn of Minnesota Campbell of Ohio iHig ginSj of Rhode island former Mayor Carter Harrison of Chicago and other prominent Democrats The local reception committee has been announced with State Chairman At the regular meeting of the! city Stokes Jackson as chairman The council Monday night the special list comprises nearly all the promi on the Carnegie library A flinf irrTA ITI a Ml ton of Chicago Lafayette I Pence of Colorado Henderson Martin of Kansas Allen Albert of Ohio and others of prominence birthday anniversary will be observed more genarally by Democrats throughout fctne United States this year than ever before The banquet to be given by the Jef ferson Club of Des Moines la which was intended to be a Polk county affair has developed into a state wide affair The banquet to be held by the Jackson Club at Spring 1 field Mo likewise 7 has become a state wide affair at which the Hon David rancis will be the princi pal speaker The banquet to be given on Jeffer birthday anniversary by the Jef fersonian Society of Spokane Wash at which Governor Edwin Norris of Montana will make the chief ad dress and that of the Central Demo cratic Club at Harrodsburg Pa have developed into state feasts The so called or banquet winch James Lloyd of the congres 1 sional committee and a few of the party bosses planned in ashington ito supset the Indianapolis gathering now dwindled down to a purely local affair and will be such a meet 1 mg as could be arranged at any time in Washington while Congress is 'In session within a few Hon I actually formed over one half lof the day at the function and it is the total exports me actual share claimed that all the members of Con 1 gress except those who will parti being 50'94 per cent the totalpate in: the other Jeffersonian ban 1 exports foodstuffs forming but 2255 quets will lend dignity to the occa sion St Clair St At Bridge thustotal and legs the lot'of the farmer Is improv armers of The Country Will Get Closer Together Special Correspondence I Washington April '12 The for eign commerce of the United States to make its highest record in "the fiscal year which ends less than 90 days hence The fiscal year as is well known ends with the i month of June 'and the 8 'months of that fiscal year for which the Bureau of Statistic of She Department of Commerce and Labor has now avail able figures show a larger aggregate of imports exports than in the vinieBpuuumg peiivu respondlng periods of 1908 jVdl VA UU1 iuicigu vviiimvivv xuv imports for the 8 months ending with ebruary amounted in value to $1 021317090 against $932734859 in the 8 months ending with ebruary 1907 the former hih record yeagr for importsThe exports for the 8 months are $1209248899 against $1 356847583 in the high record year The (imports for Wails Smith LeCompte Hdw Co Incorporated Opposite Courthouse The matter of empowering the Mayor to appoint another policeman and of adding another man to the fire department were referred to the police committee to report at the next meeting The matter rof improving Capitol Avenue from curb to curb was dis cussed but no action taken except to direct the city attorney to look up the ordinances and see if one ever been passed requiring granitoid pavements to be put down on that street" Dudley Richardson was elected city tax collector without opposi tion This will make his fourth term and he Is said to be the best collec tor the city ever had Dr John South was elected a member of the Healta Board to suc will ceed Dr Patterson who declined to serve and Judge Pence was elected a member to succeed (himself A petition was read fnom numer ous citizens of East Main street ask ing the city to have that street oil ed to keep down the dust per cent and crude materials for use in manufacturing 2'609' In imports the year's record thus far exceeds thlat for 'any earlier year being for the 8 months In ques tion 1021317090 of which $562 627 025 was material for use in manufac turing 373 millions of this total beina nriiflc matArial anH 1R9 millions? nart 1 ly manufactured 'material for further use in manufacturing The percent ago which manufacturers materials I formed of the Imports is larger than ever before being 55 per cent in the8 months ending with ebruary 1910 against 52 per cent for 1909 1907 land 1903 and 5Opej cent in 1906 and 1905 The share 'of the manufac materials entering free of duty was in the 1910 period 655 per dent against 64 per cent in the same month of last year 11 One ex vC i I i irW'l" BUI I I i a 1 it.

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