Home Run Derby issues format change that limits the number of pitches each hitter will see (2024)

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The Home Run Derby is altering its format

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Home Run Derby issues format change that limits the number of pitches each hitter will see (11)

Home Run Derby issues format change that limits the number of pitches each hitter will see (12)

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  • Nick Wass - freelancer, ASSOCIATED PRESS

Baltimore Orioles' Gunnar Henderson (2) celebrates his home run in front of Philadelphia Phillies catcher Garrett Stubbs, right, during the first inning of a baseball game, Sunday, June 16, 2024, in Baltimore. Home plate umpire Mike Estabrook looks on at left. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)


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Home Run Derby issues format change that limits the number of pitches each hitter will see (2024)


Home Run Derby issues format change that limits the number of pitches each hitter will see? ›

In the final round, a hitter will get two minutes or 27 pitches. That doesn't include the bonus periods that hitters will get in each round. Under the previous format, hitters still faced a time limit but there wasn't any restriction on the number of pitches they could face.

How many pitches are in the Home Run Derby? ›

Even if a school has multiple teams, they may only have one home run derby participant. Each participant will get up to one minute to hit as many home runs as possible. There is no pitch limit - there is only a time limit.

What is the 30 second bonus in the Home Run Derby? ›

In past years, hitters received 30 seconds of bonus time at the end of each round, with the potential to earn an additional 30 seconds of bonus time if two home runs that equaled or exceeded 440 feet were hit. With the 2024 rules, there will be no timer for the bonus period.

Does the Home Run Derby mess up your swing? ›

Certainly, some players will have a decline in power-hitting statistics from the first half of the season to the second after participating in the Derby, but it is clear from the analysis that this would have occurred for those players regardless of whether they chose to participate or not.

How do they choose who is in the Home Run Derby? ›

In recent years, the eight players were seeded 1-8 using regular-season home run totals, then there were head-to-head matchups and a single-elimination tournament to decide the Home Run Derby. There was a time limit (three minutes in the first and second round, two minutes in the finals) but no pitch limit.

What are the changes in the Home Run Derby? ›

The swing-off reverted to one minute in 2019, the first year in which it was used. In 2021, the time limit was changed to three minutes plus a bonus of thirty seconds, with an additional thirty seconds of bonus time (for a total of one minute) added if a player hit a home run over 475 feet during regulation.

Who throws the pitches in the Home Run Derby? ›

Who pitches? Put simply, anyone who can throw the ball over the plate is allowed to pitch. Each Home Run Derby slugger gets to choose who pitches to them, so each batter is pitched to by a different person. In last year's derby, Texas Rangers shortstop Corey Seager was pitched to by his father Jeff.

How hard do home run derby pitchers throw? ›

During a regular season baseball game, MLB hitters routinely see pitches ranging from 90-100 mph, but in the Home Run derby they are being fed batting practice pitches of only 50-60 mph.

Has there ever been a switch hitter in the home run derby? ›

Luis Robert Jr.

in 1991 and Miguel Tejada in 2004. Rutschman is a switch-hitter -- and no switch-hitter has ever won the Home Run Derby outright. Ruben Sierra did share the Derby crown with Eric Davis back in 1989; aside from that, Lance Berkman is the only other one to make the finals, in 2004.

Can a homerun bounce? ›

The last "bounce" home run in MLB was hit by Al López of the Brooklyn Robins on September 12, 1930, at Ebbets Field. A carryover of the old rule is that if a player deflects a ball over the outfield fence in fair territory without it touching the ground, it is a home run, per MLB rule 5.05(a)(9).

Who turned down the Home Run Derby? ›

Failure to launch: Cincinnati Reds SS Elly De La Cruz declines Home Run Derby invite again. ST. LOUIS – For the second year in a row, Cincinnati Reds shortstop Elly De La Cruz was invited to compete in the All-Star Home Run Derby, and for the second year in a row he declined.

Do players get paid for Home Run Derby? ›

There's a chance at an even bigger payout for Home Run Derby players. The overall winner receives $1 million, with the second-place player taking home half that. Six other players who participate in the Derby get $150,000. Whoever hits the furthest home run will win $100,000, according to the CBA.

Why is Aaron Judge not in the Home Run Derby? ›

Judge has been on the warpath the last 50 games. Following that 2017 Home Run Derby win, Judge acknowledged it exacerbated a shoulder injury he suffered crashing into the wall a few weeks earlier. He needed surgery on the shoulder after the season.

How many rounds are in the Home Run Derby? ›

Henderson announces Home Run Derby participation

Last year, the entire Derby was an eight-person, single-elimination bracket, with three rounds.

How many outs do you get in a Home Run Derby? ›

The four leading home run hitters advance. Ties are broken using the longest home run distance. After the initial three minutes or 40 pitches, each player gets three bonus outs, where they continue hitting until three outs are recorded.

How many swings are in the Home Run Derby? ›

Batters will have 10 swings to try to score. 3. If a batter swings, they will either score points, or the ball will be called an out.

How fast do pitchers throw in the HR Derby? ›

During a regular season baseball game, MLB hitters routinely see pitches ranging from 90-100 mph, but in the Home Run derby they are being fed batting practice pitches of only 50-60 mph. How is it that the slower pitches end up traveling further than the faster ones?

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