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Updated January 2024

Looking for the best restaurants in Palm Springs? These are the ones you’ll want to bookmark for your trip. We’ve been coming to Palm Springs for years and I’m excited to share our favorite spots! With roadside diners, chic restaurants, and poolside bars, Palm Springs has it all.

Palm Springs is one of those ultimate weekend destinations in southern California. The ideal temperatures during spring and fall make it a friendly getaway for friends and family. Having been now over half a dozen times, my go-to list of restaurants in the desert is always changing.

One of my favorite things to do though is to book a room at one of the best hotels in Palm Springs and hang poolside. I’ll often spend a day just unwinding as that’s what the desert is for. Nearby, hiking in Indian Canyon and gondola rides get you out of the downtown area and into the San Jacinto Mountains.

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Downtown Palm Springs is bustling with design shops (like the uptown design district) perfect for a stroll in the afternoon. It’s a great area to go and spend an hour or two before dinner looking around.

If you’re looking for what to do on a visit, be sure to check out this Palm Springs weekend guide. Until then, read on for the 20 best restaurants in Palm Springs you can’t miss.

Planning a Trip to Palm Springs? Here Are My Top Picks for the Best Hotels in Palm Springs:

  1. Korakia Pensione, for the best adults-only hotel
  2. The Kimpton Rowan, for the best downtown hotel
  3. Sparrows Lodge, for the best design-for-dollar hotel
  4. JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa, for the best family-friendly resort

For a more in-depth guide on where to stay in Palm Springs, read The Best Palm Springs Hotels For All Budgets. For more on how to spend your time, don’t miss my hip guide to Palm Springs and a roundup of my favorite things to do!

20 Best Restaurants in Palm Springs, California

1. Workshop Kitchen + Bar

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One of my favorites right in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, this modern restaurant takes local cuisine to a new level. The outdoor patio at Workshop is perfect during the warmer months (be sure to book ahead) for a late-night dinner. The menu here is new American eats and has wonderful seasonal co*cktails. (located off Palm Canyon Drive)

Address:800 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

2. Rooster and the Pig

Better believe the chicken is good here — it is in the name. Rooster and the Pig is a Vietnamese-inspired restaurant that is a hot spot a few blocks from downtown Palm. Their menu features a wide range of food from rolls to some of the best Vietnamese soups around. There is almost always a line so be prepared to wait a bit but it’s well worth it. Right now, they are offering takeout food in Palm Springs and their dining room is open.

Address: 356 S Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

3. 4 Saints

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With the newly opened Kimpton Rowan on W. Tahquitz Canyon Way came their award-winning restaurants. With it, 4 Saints, an upscale restaurant with one of the best brunches around. The dishes here are amazing and priced accordingly, plus the view of Palm Springs is great here.

Address: 100 W Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262

4. Birba

Birba is a Palm Springs institution. This is my go-to for chich Italian food when you need a slice of pizza or a hearty bowl of pasta. But don’t let the heavy carb foods fool you, this place is as chic as all be. They have a wonderful outdoor patio with spacious seating available. Their craft co*cktails are wonderfully paired with their ever-changing menu.

Address: 622 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

5. King’s Highway at Ace Hotel & Swim Club

King’s Highway is a classic for me whenever I come to Palm Springs. This modern roadside diner serving locally sourced fare classics is a wonderful experience. Plus, the space of the restaurant is a fun throwback. Whether you visit for a late brunch or come in for dinner, their menu is wonderful. It’s located in the Ace Hotel, so if you’re staying there it is a convenient choice.

Address: 701 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

6. Counter Reformation at Parker Hotel

Guide to the 20 Best Restaurants in Palm Springs (2024) - Bon Traveler (4)

You may have to ask where this one is located as it’s quite hidden inside the Parker Hotel. Step downstairs to this speakeasy kind of bar that serves glasses of wine all at one set price and a wonderful tapas menu. I love the foie gras macaroons. Counter Reformation is the kind of place you’d expect to see in New York.

Address: 5230, 4200 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

7. Azucar at La Serena Villas

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Guide to the 20 Best Restaurants in Palm Springs (2024) - Bon Traveler (6)

One of the newer restaurants to open is a Mexican-fare restaurant that has some modern takes on the cuisine. Azucar’s local farm-to-table food is fresh and airs on the healthier side in a local Palm Springs hotel, La Serena Villas. You have to order their watermelon salad and cauliflower tacos when eating in the dining room.

Address: 339 S Belardo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262

8. Sandfish by Engin Onural

One new restaurant to open that is exciting is this sushi joint. Head Chef Engin Onural opened up Sandfish sushi bar with a few seats in a stunningly designed restaurant. Their whiskey options are also a hit. It’s an upscale experience for dining in Palm Springs. They also offer a diverse menu for takeaway, so you can enjoy your sushi at your hotel.

Address: 1556 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

9. The Barn Kitchen at Sparrows Lodge

Guide to the 20 Best Restaurants in Palm Springs (2024) - Bon Traveler (7)

Having stayed at Sparrows Lodge once, I was excited to hear they were opening up their restaurant to the public. Come here for a family-style dinner on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is casual and includes a starter and entree, and dessert with the Saturday supper meal. Reservations are a must. Oftentimes, the hotel keeps the restaurant open to guests only, so I suggest checking directly for availability.

Address: 1330 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

10. T&T Innovation Kitchen at JW Marriot Desert Springs

Guide to the 20 Best Restaurants in Palm Springs (2024) - Bon Traveler (8)

One of the best in the Coachella Valley, T&T Innovation Kitchen is out at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort. The food is served with a prix fixe menu (a ton of small plates) and is constantly changing by the executive chef.

Address: 74-855 Country Club Dr, Palm Desert, CA 92260

11. Del Rey at Villa Royale

Come to Del Rey for Spanish and Mediterranean-inspired food located inside Villa Royale. You will find Spanish tapas and flavors on their global-inspired menu. Their whole concept is bringing people together to enjoy and share small plates.

Address: 1620 S Indian Trail, Palm Springs, CA 92264

12. Wilma & Frieda

This popular joint is best known for its breakfast. Wilma & Frieda is almost always busy but a win for the brunch lovers. The location in Mercado Plaza Fountain makes it a picturesque spot for lunch. Their menu is also available for takeaway, so you could consider ordering ahead.

Address: 155 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

13. The Pink Cabana at Sands Hotel & Spa

Guide to the 20 Best Restaurants in Palm Springs (2024) - Bon Traveler (9)

This Instagram dream of a restaurant in Palm Springs may attract people for its charming space, but its food is delicious. The Pink Cabana, located at the Sands Hotel & Spa, is a Moroccan-influenced menu brought to life by Chef Jason Niederkorn.

Address: 44-985 Province Way, Indian Wells, CA 92210

14. Blackbook

A good casual option in the area, Blackbook is well-known for its fried chicken sandwiches. They offer a curbside service as well so you can take their food to go. You may want to consider getting their popular Garlic Adobo Yuca Fries to go with the chicken sandwich. Or even try their Palm Springs Style Nachos. I hear they are a must.

Address: 315 E Arenas Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262

15. El Jefe at Saguaro Palm Springs

El Jefe is a favorite tequila bar with wonderful Mexican fare. The taco Tuesdays are definitely a win here in the cantina. It’s located at the Saguaro Palm Springs, so again, if you’re at this hotel, you have to dine here once. Their Mexican street food menu also has great happy-hour deals and a Taco Tuesday special.

Address: 1800 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

16. Kreem

Though technically not a restaurant, Kreem is a must for its ice cream. If you need to cool off then look no further. Artisanal ice cream and coffee are the go-tos. The ingredients are based on organic and natural flavors, plus they have vegan ice cream.

Address: 170 E Palm Canyon Dr #8822, Palm Springs, CA 92264

17. Elmer’s

So what if you sleep in? Elmer’s is a locally owned restaurant best known for its late breakfast and pet-friendly patio. This Northwest favorite has been around since 1960, making it an icon for the restaurant industry in Palm Springs. They are also open for lunch and dinner.

Address: 1030 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

18. Chef Tanya’s Kitchen

For the veggie-lovers, Chef Tanya’s Kitchen is all you need. Come here for great vegetarian food only to go, and bring it back to your place. She has curbside pickup and no contact delivery available for Palm Springs.

Address: 706 S Eugene Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92264

19. Farm

Farm is a hidden bistro right in the La Plaza center where you can get some great French-inspired food. I’d come here for lunch and snag one of their sandwiches. It feels like you are transported to the south of France. On the weekends, they offer a great 5 prix fixe menu, so be sure to check out that option as well.

Address: 6 La Plaza, Palm Springs, CA 92262

20. Bar Cecil

Paying homage to Cecil Beaton, this chic restaurant offers an incredible menu with exceptional food. Listed on the Michelin Guide time and time again, you won’t want to miss booking a seat at Bar Cecil in advance. Try out their martini or even the caviar-topped deviled eggs for an elevated meal. If you want to grab a seat last minute, one trick is to show up at open (or right before) for a potential last-minute bar seat.

Address:1555 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Epic Tours In Palm Springs

Looking to add a tour to your time in Palm Springs? These are a few to consider:

Frequently Asked Questions About Palm Springs Restaurants

When is the best time to go to Palm Springs?

I have been in every season and have loved it for different reasons. The summer is incredibly hot however if you have a pool, you can cool off easily. Plus you’ll find that the room rates are very cheap. The best weather is mid-fall in my opinion.

What are the best hotels to stay at in Palm Springs?

I recently shared a list of the best hotels in Palm Springs. Alternatively, you could consider booking one of these 10 coolest Airbnbs in Palm Springs.

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Guide to the 20 Best Restaurants in Palm Springs (2024) - Bon Traveler (2024)
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