Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Major in Psychology (2024)

Minimum required: 120 semester credit hours

General Requirements

  1. The general education core curriculum courses are listed in the degree plan below along with the statewide component code number. See theGeneral Education Core Curriculumsection of this catalog for the Texas State requirements and options in the core curriculum, including Honors courses.
  2. In addition to the general education core curriculum requirements, theBachelor of Arts degree(B.A.) requires three additional hours of English literature, three hours of math/science/logic/computer science courses, six hours of 2000-level modern language courses, and a minor.
  3. For transfer students, 18 semester credit hours may be transferred from a Texas public institution of higher education for the Psychology Field of Study and be applied to the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Psychology at Texas State University. More information about the Field of Study is available in the Academic Policies section of this catalog. The transferable Texas Common Course Number (TCCN) is listed below the Texas State University course number in the following course list.

    Course List
    Code Title Hours
    PSY1300Introduction to Psychology3

    TCCN: PSYC 2301

    PSY3300Lifespan Development3

    TCCN: PSYC 2314

    PSY2301Introduction to Statistics3

    TCCN: PSYC 2317

    PSY3331Social Psychology3

    TCCN: PSYC 2319


    TCCN: PSYC 2320

    PSY3322Brain and Behavior3

    TCCN: PSYC 2330

    Total Hours18
  4. Students must select a minor from the approved list ofUndergraduate Minors. Students majoring in Psychology may not minor in Forensic Psychology or Sport Psychology.
  5. Students must complete a minimum of 36 advanced hours (3000 or 4000 level courses). Of these, at least 18 advanced hours must be in Psychology. Sufficient courses from the minor and other electives must be selected to ensure a total of 36 hours of advanced coursework.
  6. This major requires 36 semester credit hours including the following Psychology courses:
    Course List
    Code Title Hours
    PSY1300Introduction to Psychology3
    PSY2100Professional Seminar1
    Introduction to Statistics
    and Introduction to Statistics Laboratory
    PSY3402Experimental and Research Methods4
    PSY3322Brain and Behavior3
    PSY4391History and Theory3
    Group A - Human Development3


    Lifespan Development


    Adolescent Psychology


    Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
    Group B - Individual Differences/Social Behavior3




    Personality Psychology


    Social Psychology
    Group C - Cognition and Learning3


    Sensation and Perception


    Cognitive Processes


    Learning and Memory
    PSY Electives9
    Total Hours36
  7. Nine hours of writing intensive (WI) courses are required for graduation.
  8. The minimum number of hours required for this degree program is 120. The number of free elective hours a student will complete depends on the number of hours a student may need to achieve the required 120 total or 36 advanced hours.

Course Requirements

First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
Communication Component Code 0103Communication Component Code 0103
Mathematics Component Code 02043Life and Physical Sciences Component Code 03013-4
Modern Language 14104

BIO1320 (TCCN BIOL 1308)

PSY1300 (TCCN PSYC 2301)23

&BIO1130 (TCCN BIOL 1330 & 1106)

US11001American History Component Code 0603
Government/Political Science Component Code 0703
Modern Language 14204
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
Life and Physical Sciences Component Code 03013-4Language, Philosophy, and Culture Component Code 040 3

BIO1321 (TCCN BIOL 1309)

Government/Political Science Component Code 0703

&BIO1131 (TCCN BIOL 1307 & 1107)

Modern Language 23203
American History Component Code 0603PSY2301
Social and Behavioral Sciences Component Code 080 (not to include PSY 1300)3PSY3315, 3316, or 33313
Modern Language 23103
PSY3300, 3312, or 33133
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
Creative Arts Component Code 050 [TCCN HUMA 1315]3BA Science, Math, Computer Science, or Logic33
ENG Literature (Component Area Option Code 090/094)53Component Area Option 0903
PSY340224PSY Electives6
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
BA English Literature3PSY3321, 3341, or 43423
PSY Elective3PSY43913
Elective (as needed)3
Total Hours: 120

Students minoring in Biology are required to complete BIO1330 & BIO1130 and BIO1331 & BIO1130.


Foundation course for all serious study of psychology; much material covered in later courses depends on a thorough knowledge of topics in these courses. Students must complete a three-semester prerequisite sequence prior to taking PSY4391 and Group C courses. PSY1300 is a prerequisite for all other PSY courses (except PSY2311).


Students are required to complete their BA Science requirement by taking one additional science and/or mathematics course, to be selected from the following disciplines: ANTH2301 or ANTH2302, any advanced biological anthropology or archaeology course, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics (1317 and above), computer science (1319 and above), geology, PHIL2330, or GEO1305 or GEO2410.


One course from the following may be chosen to satisfy the Mathematics Component Code 020:MATH1315(TCCN 1314),MATH1317(TCCN 1316),MATH1319(TCCN 1324),MATH1329(TCCN 1325),MATH2321(TCCN 1323),MATH2417(TCCN 2412), orMATH2471(TCCN 2413).


An ENG Literature course may be selected from the following:ENG2310(TCCN ENGL 2322),ENG2320(TCCN ENGL 2323),ENG2330(TCCN ENGL 2332),ENG2340(TCCN ENGL 2333),ENG2359(TCCN ENGL 2327),ENG2360(TCCN ENGL 2328),ENG2371

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Major in Psychology (2024)


Is a BA in psychology enough? ›

A 4 Year Bachelor Degree in Psychology will enable one to gain an entry level position. This provides the opportunity to gain experience and exposure in the industry. However, to enhance and to advance one's career, one has to pursue and to earn higher education such as a Masters Degree or a Doctoral Degree.

What is better, BS or BA in psychology? ›

Due to the similarities they share, both B.S. and B.A. degrees in psychology can prepare you for overlapping roles. However, because their curriculum tends to be more comprehensive in scope, B.A. degrees are typically best suited for students who want to pursue fields like social work or criminal justice.

What are the best combination for BA in psychology? ›

10 Degrees to Combine with Psychology for a Rewarding Career
  • Nursing. ...
  • Information Technology. ...
  • Education. ...
  • Criminal Justice. ...
  • Public Health. ...
  • Communications. ...
  • Medicine. ...
  • Exercise Science. Are you passionate about sports, human performance, and psychology?

What is a better degree, BA or BS? ›

Neither degree ranks as better than the other, but one might better suit specific career goals. For example, if you're interested in technical careers, you may need a BS for graduate school applications. In some majors, you may choose between a BA and a BS. Many psychology programs, for instance, offer both options.

Is BA in psychology useful? ›

Both degrees are equally valued and provide key foundational skills to successful careers. Job options available for bachelor's degree holders in psychology may include: Counseling, psychiatry, and therapeutics.

Is a BA in psychology good for med school? ›

Yes, psychology is a good pre-med degree. You'll strengthen research and analytical skills while exploring human behavior, diagnosis, and treatment methods.

Is psychology hard to study? ›

Earning a psychology degree can be challenging, but it is also highly manageable. The difficulty increases with higher degrees, such as master's or doctoral programs, which involve more in-depth research and specialized knowledge.

Is psychology a respected degree? ›

The answer is absolutely, whether your goal is to become a licensed clinical therapist or you're simply fascinated by the inner workings of the human mind. A lot of people will tell you that there is no reason to get a psychology degree if you're not planning on becoming a psychologist, but clearly, that's not true.

Is it better to have a masters or bachelors in psychology? ›

Which Degree is Best For Psychology? All else being equal, a master's degree in psychology is a better option than a bachelor's degree. With a master's, you have a higher level of education, more specific skills, and a greater depth of knowledge that allows you to work in higher-paying professions.

How many years is a bachelor of arts in psychology? ›

A bachelor's degree in psychology is an undergraduate-level degree that often takes four years to complete. At many universities, students can choose between a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree.

Which degree is best after BA psychology? ›

The great thing about a bachelor's degree in psychology is that it provides preparation for graduate study in many different areas. Psychology majors often go on to study education, counseling, or social work in graduate school. Some students even opt for continued study in law or medicine.

Which degree is best for a psychologist? ›

PhD Degree

One of the highest levels of education you can earn within psychology is a doctoral degree. This degree isn't always required to work as a psychologist, but individuals who pursue a PhD typically do so for the opportunity to conduct research, work in private practice, and/or pursue a career in academia.

Who gets paid more BA or BS? ›

However, as BS holders are more likely to go into profitable STEM fields, whereas BA holders are more likely to opt for humanities and social sciences, which typically pay less, BS holders do tend to earn more money.

Is BA harder than BS? ›

BS programs tend to have more required core and major courses than BA programs, and may take more time to complete.

Do employers prefer a BS over a BA? ›

Fortunately, most employers do not prefer one degree type over the other. Learners should focus on earning a good GPA to impress employers. Students who find math and science easier than other subjects may perform better in a BS program. Learners who thrive in the creative disciplines may excel in a BA program.

How long does it take to get a master's in psychology after a bachelor's degree? ›

A master's degree in psychology typically ranges from two to three years. Still, it may vary depending on the program's curriculum, the student's chosen concentration, and their study pace. Some programs offer accelerated options that enable students to complete their degrees in a shorter time frame.

What degree is best for psychology? ›

If you're looking to pursue challenging and incredibly rewarding career opportunities that offer higher salary potential, it's recommended you earn a master's degree in psychology from an accredited program. For many, obtaining a master's is the best course of action.

Is psychology a good major for law school? ›

Psychology also provides the skills for investigation and statistical analysis. These areas of study are needed for success in law school and legal practice, regardless of what area of law you hope to specialize in.

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