2024 Pride Toronto Raffle – Pride Toronto (2024)

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2024 Pride
Toronto Raffle

The 2024 Festival may be over, but there is still fun to be had!
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Toronto AIDS Candlelight Vigil

The AIDS Candlelight Vigil is an open community event held annually at the AIDS Memorial to remember, honour and celebrate the lives of the people lost to AIDS. This annual event is planned by a committee representing many Toronto 2SLGBTQI+ and AIDS service organizations, including The 519, ACAS, Action Positive, AIDS Committee of Toronto, Black Coalition For AIDS Prevention, Casey House, ETFO/FEEO, Fife House, Toronto People with AIDS Foundation, Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy, 2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations, and Pride Toronto. The 40th annual Toronto AIDS Candlelight Vigil will take place on Tuesday, June 25th, 2024 at 9 pm at Barbara Hall Park.

Date & Time: June 25th, 9pm-11pm
Location: Barbara Hall Park, 519 Church St

Additional information:

  • Ticket Cost – Free
  • Ticket Link / Where to get the ticket: N/A
  • Age limit or Regulations – N/A
  • Wheelchair accessibility – Yes

Summer Solstice and The Rose’ Picnic

Rosé Picnic proudly stands as an ally and partner of Pride Toronto, celebrating the vibrant diversity and inclusivity of our city’s 2SLGBTQI+ community. Our support extends beyond the boundaries of our event, as we recognize and honour the rich history and ongoing struggles for equality and acceptance. Together with Pride Toronto, we embrace the spirit of love, unity, and celebration, fostering a welcoming space where everyone can shine. Join us as we raise a glass to love, equality, and the power of community.

Rosé Picnic is dedicated to breaking the stigma around women’s issues and promoting equality, equity and diversity.
$5 from every ticket purchased will support the catalyst fund at Women’s College Hospital Foundation, securing critical resources needed to continue to advance its greatest priorities. The fund fuels life-saving research, accelerates the transformation of in-patient surgeries into same-day procedures and supports the design of groundbreaking new mental health solutions.

We can be champions of women’s wellbeing and encourage everyone—men and women alike —to take action to create more equitable healthcare for all.

Date & Time: Friday, June 21st 5pm- midnight and Saturday, June 22 – 12 noon – 5pm
Location: Hotel X – 111 Princes’ Blvd. Toronto, ON

Additional information:

  • Ticket Cost – Single Day Ticket – $59.95 – VIP – $250
  • Ticket Link / Where to get the ticket: click here
  • Age limit or Regulations – 19+
  • Wheelchair accessibility – yes

Aportia Chryptych: A Black Opera for Portia White

Nova Scotian contralto Portia White was the first Black Canadian concert performer to achieve international fame in the mid-20th century, touring North America and performing in Europe while being hailed as the best classical voice of her generation. Yet despite such artistic accomplishments, her story has been erased from Canadians’ collective memory.

Working against this history, Aportia Chryptych: A Black Opera for Portia White is a bold, new Black opera that sets out to reclaim Portia White’s story, evoking memories of the past as a form of political resistance. Spoken word, rap, folk songs, hip-hop, R&B, and classic opera repertoire collide in an explosive score that seeks to break down musical silos and unite artistic and cultural communities. Aportia Chryptych is an original Canadian Opera Company commission, created by director/librettist HAUI with composer/conductor Sean Mayes and starring Canadian soprano Neema Bickersteth, Emmy Award winning-soprano Adrienne Danrich, and Juno-nominated singer-songwriter SATE.

Date & Time: June 14 (7:30 p.m.)
June 15 (2 p.m.)
June 16 (2 p.m.)

Location: Canadian Opera Company Theatre – 227 Front St. E., Toronto ON, M5A 1E8

Additional information:

  • Ticket Cost – $75
  • Ticket Link / Where to get the ticket:click here
  • Age limit or Regulations – 19+
  • Wheelchair accessibility – Seating at the Canadian Opera Company Theatre is all on one floor, accessible from the street level. Please inform the ticket services representative of your needs when you purchase tickets.

Lezlie Lee Kam

2024 Pride Toronto Raffle – Pride Toronto (1)

Pronouns: Gender Mysterious

I am a world majority, Brown, Carib-Indigenous , trini, Indo, Chinese, callaloo, differently-abled, Jurassic and Bionic DYKE, Rainbow Senior/Elder.

Currently: a co-chair of the board of Pride Toronto, the Toronto Senior Pride Network, the board of ODLAN (Ontario Digital Literacy Access Network), trainer with The 519, the Liaison Committee of the ministry of seniors and accessibility, the VHA (Visiting Homemaker’s Association) Pride Working Group, Sinai Health System “Pride is good for your health” committee, a co-facilitator of the Youth/Elders Program of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, a volunteer at Hennick Bridgepoint rehab hospital, a member of True Davidson Acres LTC GSA (gender sexuality alliance), the city of Toronto SSLTC Working Group – developed “Leading and Learning with Pride – A Tool Kit to Support 2SLGBTQI+ SENIORS” (launched June 24/2022) and a co-author of the 2SLGBTQI Best Practice Guidelines of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. Effective November 2023, a member of the Fabulous Stories Project for The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity – developing Queer Curriculum for high schools and a consultant for The Canada Senior Pride Network.
Humble and privileged recipient of the 2019 Inspire Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2021 Community One Foundation Steinert & Ferreiro Award and the 2023 Jill Andrew (NDP – MPP, Ontario) Community Hero Award.

Featured in the videos “Out At Home”, “The Journey of My Strong Brown Trini Carib Callaloo Dyke Body” – 2016. In 2023, feature length documentary “Supporting Our Selves” from The Community One Foundation.

Honoured DYKE Ambassador and Honoured Rainbow Senior Ambassador – PRIDE TORONTO – 2022
I am an educator, accessibility/accommodation consultant, story teller, sometime actor and a respectful troublemaker, disruptor, infiltrator and agitator 😈.

I live and work from an anti-oppression, anti-racism, Truth and Reconciliation, intergenerational and intersectional perspective. I advocate for Two Spirit, Indigenous, queer and transgender rainbow 🌈 seniors and youth of colour.

I enjoy doubles, dancing, dim sum, a cold beverage and a “trini lime “ anytime.

My EXISTENCE is my RESISTANCE!! Website – lezlieoutofthecloset.com

Board of Directors Questionnaire

The Distillery Historic District The Distillery District Queer Marketplace

The Distillery Historic District, nestled in the heart of Toronto, is a beautifully preserved neighborhood known for its charming cobblestone streets and Victorian-era industrial architecture. Transformed into a lively cultural hub, it boasts a mix of art galleries, boutique shops, theaters, restaurants, and distilleries, making it a unique blend of history and contemporary flair.

The first-ever Distillery District Queer Marketplace at the Distillery Historic District in Toronto, in partnership with Pride Toronto Festival 2023, was explored. This unique event, which ran from June 5 to June 11, was designed to support local artists, artisans, and the 2SLGBTQI+ community. It featured shopping, live entertainment, and the opportunity to snap selfies amid the iconic Heart of the Distillery adorned in rainbow Pride. In addition to the Queer Marketplace, guests had the chance to explore over 70 boutiques, unique shops, galleries, theaters, and world-class restaurants.

Magenta Foundation Joy, Sorrow, Anger, Love, PRIDE

The Magenta Foundation is a respected platform dedicated to supporting emerging and contemporary artists, fostering their creative talents and enabling them to reach a wider audience through exhibitions, publications, and educational initiatives. By championing the work of these artists, Magenta Foundation contributes significantly to the enrichment of the art community.

A celebration of Toronto Pride from the 1970s to the present was presented by The ArQuives. This significant cultural event marked the 50th anniversary of The ArQuives in 2023, in partnership with the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival. It delved into Toronto Pride’s profound impact on acceptance and social development through photography, ephemera, posters, and writings by community leaders.

City of Toronto Progress Pride Flag Raising Ceremony

As Canada’s largest urban center, the City of Toronto has thrived as a vibrant, inclusive hub for cultural diversity, economic innovation, and community engagement, while maintaining a rich historical heritage and a dedication to sustainable urban development, establishing its position as a global leader in various fields.

The Progress Pride Flag Raising Ceremony, a major cultural event that took place on June 1, marked the commencement of PRIDE month, celebrating the rich history, diversity, and courage of Toronto’s 2SLGBTQI+ communities. The event was held at various locations, including Toronto City Hall, North York Civic Centre, Scarborough Civic Centre, and Etobico*ke Civic Centre.

2024 Pride Toronto Raffle – Pride Toronto (2024)


What is the theme for Pride 2024? ›

NYC Pride 2024: Reflect.

Empower. Unite.” as it kicks off this year's programming. The theme was selected to highlight the importance of the NYC Pride March as the intersection for Queer liberation and joy.

Where is Toronto Pride 2024? ›

How many people go to Toronto Pride? ›

An estimated 2.4 Million people attended the 2022 Pride Toronto Festival & Parade. After 2 1/2 years of pandemic restrictions, people had a lot of saved-up excitement & enthusiasm for the return of Pride to the streets of Toronto.

What do you wear to Pride Toronto? ›

there's no dress code. Wear whatever you want! Pride is all about celebrating our individualities and what's amazing about Toronto is that we are people of diversity, and this comes across with everyone's personal style.

What does pride stand for? ›

The word 'pride' is an integral cultural concept within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBTQI) community, representing solidarity, collectivity, and identity as well as resistance to discrimination and violence.

How long does Toronto Pride last? ›

Now in its 43rd official year, Toronto Pride Festival Weekend runs from Friday, June 27 to Sunday, June 30. As much as the festival is about celebrating everything 2SLGBTQ+, organizers say it's important to remember that at its heart, Pride is a protest.

What street is Toronto Pride on? ›

The parade began at Bloor Street and Church Street with more than 250 groups marching together along Yonge Street down to Nathan Phillips Square. The groups included LGBTQ+ organizations such as the African Centre for Refugees and Toronto Pflag, all waving Pride flags and cheering alongside the crowds.

What is pride month in Canada? ›

June is Pride Month in Canada—a time dedicated to celebrating 2SLGBTQQIA+ communities across Canada, advocating for equal rights, and fostering a world where everyone can embrace their true selves without fear, violence or discrimination.

Why was Pride cancelled in Toronto? ›

Pride Toronto cancelled their parade on Sunday after is was blocked mid-route by anti-war demonstrators.

What happened at the pride parade in Toronto today? ›

'We made the decision to cancel the remainder of the parade out of our commitment to ensuring public safety,” Pride Toronto said after about 30 pro-Palestinian demonstrators stood chanting with signs in Yonge Street. Stilt walkers had a high vantage point of the celebration down Yonge Street.

When did the pride parade start? ›

On June 28, 1970, on the one year anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, the first Pride marches were held in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Thousands of LGBT+ people gathered to commemorate Stonewall and demonstrate for equal rights.

What is the LGBT area of Toronto? ›

Church and Wellesley is an LGBT-oriented enclave in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is roughly bounded by Gerrard Street to the south, Yonge Street to the west, Charles Street to the north, and Jarvis Street to the east, with the core commercial strip located along Church Street from Wellesley south to Alexander.

What are themes about pride? ›


Pride makes spirituality impossible. Pride disguises a strong feeling of inferiority. You can't learn anything when you think you know everything. There's a fine line between confidence and pride.

What is the theme of the movie pride? ›

The movie highlights historical discrimination against minority groups such as LGBT individuals, as well the way that this discrimination was broken down through community action and acceptance. The movie also records the situation in British mining communities during the mine closures of the 1980s.

What is the theme for pride 2024 in San Francisco? ›

Pride March 2024

This year, we have chosen the theme Building the Block. Building the Block reflects the collective strength and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community. Just like a strong building rises from individual bricks, our progress comes from each of us contributing our unique talents and experiences.

Who is performing at LA Pride 2024? ›

Global icon, RICKY MARTIN headlines LA Pride in the Park as it returns to LA State Historic Park for another music festival event that only LA Pride can do! World-class stage, scores of exhibitors and vendor booths, daytime activities, so many sponsor giveaways and activities, dozens of food choices and food trucks, ...

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